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About Guitar Masters Festival

Welcome to the Guitar Masters Festival – a harmonious convergence of extraordinary guitar talent, uniting enthusiasts and connoisseurs from diverse musical backgrounds. Founded by the visionary Charles Carlini, our inaugural event is set to captivate New York City from April 26 to 29, promising an unforgettable experience at iconic venues across the city.

Our Founder

Charles Carlini: A luminary in the world of music, Charles Carlini is the driving force behind the Guitar Masters Festival. With a profound appreciation for the art of guitar playing, Charles founded the festival to create a platform where virtuoso performances could be celebrated and shared with the world.

Our Journey

Founded with a passion for showcasing the pinnacle of guitar artistry, the Guitar Masters Festival has embarked on a journey to become a hallmark event in the world of music. Our roots, firmly planted by Charles Carlini, run deep, fueled by a commitment to providing a stage for virtuoso performances that transcend genres.

Mission and Goals

Festival Highlights

Mission: To celebrate and elevate the art of guitar playing by bringing together exceptional musicians and fostering a community of guitar enthusiasts.


  • Showcase a diverse range of guitar styles, from classical and jazz to rock and beyond.
  • Provide a platform for both emerging talents and seasoned virtuosos.
  • Create an immersive experience that resonates with the audience on a musical and emotional level.

Diverse Genres, One Passion

At the Guitar Masters Festival, we embrace the rich tapestry of guitar music. Our lineup spans genres, ensuring a dynamic and eclectic blend of performances that appeals to all tastes. Whether you’re a fan of the intricate melodies of classical guitar or the electrifying energy of rock solos, there’s something for everyone.

Iconic Venues, Unforgettable Atmosphere

Prepare to be transported to some of New York City’s most iconic venues. From intimate settings that allow for a close connection between artist and audience to grand stages that amplify the grandeur of each performance, our festival is curated to deliver a truly memorable experience.

Inaugural Event – April 26-29

Join us for our debut festival from April 26 to 29, where the heart of New York City will beat to the rhythm of guitars. Mark your calendars and be part of history as we launch a tradition of excellence in guitar music.

Notable Artists

While the inaugural lineup is yet to be unveiled, anticipate performances by world-class guitarists who will grace our stages with their unparalleled skill and passion. Stay tuned for announcements that will set the stage for an extraordinary musical journey.

Get Ready to Dive into Guitar Magic

The Guitar Masters Festival is not just an event; it’s an invitation to immerse yourself in the enchanting world of guitar music. Whether you’re a seasoned musician, a devoted fan, or someone discovering the magic of the guitar for the first time, join us for an unforgettable celebration of the instrument that has shaped the landscape of music.

Save the date, and let the countdown to the Guitar Masters Festival begin!

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